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The Latin Love Affair Is Back! Marc Anthony And Jenifer Lopez Reveal Their Wedding Date.

Marc Anthony and his wife, Shannon De Lima, split up after just two years of marriage. Before the sun has had time to tan Marc’s ring finger, he’s planning to put another one on it.
Not so long ago, Anthony and Lopez shocked fans when they locked lips at the Latin Grammy Awards. It has been four years since their divorce and wagging tongues are asking… was it ever really over? Wife De Lima was not present for the stage center kiss, nor was Anthony’s wedding ring, and many believe that was the celebrity announcement that there was no going back. De Lima had privately voiced on several occasions her dislike of the closeness between Anthony and Lopez which had been going on for some time, and with his production of Lopez’s soon to be release Spanish-language album, the proximity alarms have been blaring. In September, Lopez admitted, “We still love each other.”, but few thought it might lead to another wedding. Well, it did. The superstar couple is officially tying the knot again, and fans of both are rejoicing. Scheduled for June 5, 2017, the anniversary of their first marriage, Jenifer is already glowing at the return of her true love. “Second time will be the charm with Marc,”

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