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Dirty Cash Getting Bashed: Brits Reject The New £5 Note

The new British five-pound notes might seem to be plastic, but the use of animal fats in the production has vexed vegans and vegetarians across the nation. In a single day, more than 13,000 protesters signed a petition against the new bank note, and the list is growing daily.
“This is unacceptable to millions of vegans and vegetarians in the UK,” Wrote Doug Maw in an online call to action. “We demand that you cease to use animal products in the production of currency that we have to use,”

The Bank of England confirmed that some materials being used do contain animal fats, but said the substance was also used in candles. The British public is fine burning animal fat in their homes, but not carrying it in their wallets.

“We can confirm that the polymer pellet from which the base substrate is made contains a trace of a substance known as tallow,” said a bank spokeswoman. The resistant material actually absorbs fewer contaminants than the paper version, making it far more hygienic, and the durability will save the general public millions of pounds over the course of the next decade. Never the less, people are lining up (digitally speaking) to sign the petition and go back to the germ infested expensive paper money. When it comes to money, people hate change.

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